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Jan 30, 2017. Their son Aaron died in the Seton Hall University Dormitory fire in. Dana L. Christmas-McCain was a senior and a 21-year-old resident. Jun 25, 2003. But there is no time for Dana Christmas, or distance, not yet. The agony of the fire at Seton Hall University three years ago, which left three. Rev. Dana Christmas-McCain I thank God for sparing my life from the Seton Hall fire on January 19, 2000.

God allowed the fire to burn my body but not my soul! Editorial: Fire safety after Seton Hall. NorthJersey Published 4: 22 p. m. ET Feb. 1, 2017 Dana Christmas-McCain, who suffered burns over 60 percent of her body while alerting sleeping residents of. Fire kills 3 in Seton Hall dorm prone to false alarms. At University Hospital, the patient was Dana Christmas, a resident adviser who suffered severe burns and.

The Boland Hall fire was a fatal fire in Boland Hall, a freshman residence hall on the Seton Hall University campus in South Orange, New Jersey, United States. On January 19, 2000, a fire occurred at Seton Hall University that killed three freshmen. Dana Christmas was a resident assistant at the building where the fire broke out. The award is named for Dana Christmas, who suffered serious burns while helping others escape from a fire in the Boland Hall dormitory at Seton Hall University in 2000.

Skip to Article. Joining the legislators for the re-introduction ceremony were Seton Hall fire survivors like Rev. Dana L. Christmas-McCain, who was a senior and a 21-year-old resident assistant at Seton Hall University's Boland Hall where the fire occurred.

Legislation Could Improve Campus Fire Safety Education. either on or off campus since the Seton Hall fire in the last 17 years. DANA CHRISTMAS-MCCAIN FIRE SAFETY SETON HALL FIRE CAMPUS FIRE. Jun 25, 2003В В· TIME has a way of healing some wounds and nurturing others.

But there is no time for Dana Christmas, or distance, not yet. The agony of the fire at Seton Hall. Sep 12, 2006В В· Dana Christmas was an RA at the Seton Hall fire in 2000 that killed three freshmen. This is her story. The Dana Christmas Scholarship honors the Seton Hall University student who is credited with saving lives, at great risk to her own personal safety, and helping many students avoid serious injury during a tragic dormitory fire.

The $10, 000 Dana Christmas Scholarship for Heroism — named after a student who was burned as she alerted dozens of classmates to a fire at Seton Hall University — will continue for at least. Jul 24, 2010. The $10, 000 Dana Christmas Scholarship for Heroism — named after a. When a fire broke out during a play rehearsal at Seton Hall Prep last. The Rev. Dana Christmas-McCain, a student at the time of the fatal Seton Hall fire, speaking at the press conference on the fire safety measure.

(Photo: Tariq CONNECT TWEET. Seton Hall Fined Over Fire Plan. Seton Hall Dorm Fire. Resident assistant Dana Christmas of Paterson was severely burned in the fire after responding to the alarm and helping some of the 600.