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The Unicorns in Us

We are the Unicorns 😀

Here are some of our Mommy-and-daughters bonding moment. We were so bored once that we decided to visit one of Cagayan de Oro’s newly opened cafe, Sugar Rush Dream Café located in Vamenta, Carmen. It’s a unique kind of café coz you can wear their costume while dining in there. They have plenty of stuffed toys that can be played by kids and adults who are kids at heart 😀

My daughters, especially my youngest, liked the place very much. My eldest who was at first shy to wear a costume, finally let her goofy side out. I took plenty of pictures of them but will only post their formal or serious ones. I will just keep their funny pics for myself to laugh when I’m feeling lonely, hehe. See below their pictures:

The Pink Unicorn

The Colorful (or Rainbow-colored) unicorn

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