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Squeaky Shoes

My kids and I were just joyriding inside the car. My husband went to our local mall to pay his credit card and he said it would take him for a short while. We didn’t bring anything and my baby did not even wore her shoes. When we arrived at the mall, we decided to go out and take a peek inside the store for a jiffy. However, my baby pooped so I had to clean her up. Bringing nothing with us, my 8 year old daughter and I hurriedly bought diaper, wipes and rubber sheet. Thankfully, the rest room was just nearby. After cleaning my baby, I decided to buy her a new pair of shoes coz I can’t just carry her while we were there. She’s quite heavy. We found nice and cheaper squeaky shoes. After paying for it, I let her wear her new shoes. She was hesitant to walk at first because of the sound but later got the hang of it. She’s been wearing this shoes since then. Sometimes, she just love to step on it just to hear it squeaked. I was planning to get her another pair of this shoes with different color and designs but looks like they’re all sold out. This squeaky shoes is really popular for kids her age 😉

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