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The Fall of Lady Gaga

Now, what was Lady Gaga thinking?! After donning this kind of weirdo attire, with never before seen techno 10-inches-booties like this, do you expect her to walk like she’s some kind of a goddess? I’m not a fan of hers and will never be when it comes to fashion. I know she’s trying to dress up unusually different from others so that people can easily notice and identify her but her style is way too much. I can’t stomach it and she’s an eyesore to watch. Sorry to her fans but this is just My Own Opinion!
No wonder she tripped over while at the airport wearing this and it’s such a shame she was photographed right away. I think this gal would look better if she only wear decent clothes but we all know that she won’t be known as she is right now if not for her outrageous attire. I just hope one day, she’ll grow up and re invent her style… maybe, by then, I will come to appreciate her as an artist.
(image source: just click the pic)
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