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Wear That Comfit Shoes

The brand of this pair of shoes is Comfit and the size is 8. The price is around P2,299 bought at Robinson’s Department store at Ayala Centrio Mall. But this is not owned by me but my daughter’s, a gift from her grandma.

I was just like— HA??? —– when my mom decided to buy these shoes for my daughter to be used for their school play. Lucky her! I bought my wedding shoes from my own savings but, but…. haha!

I’m not really complaining. Just worried for my mom for spoiling her granddaughter, her first grandchild actually.

So in case you’re looking for shiny, shimmery, silver shoes, you know where to find it. I think the heels is about 2-3 inches high but it’s super comfortable. I might borrow these shoes but am only size 7 (or 7 1/2 at times) but I guess it won’t be obvious if I wear long dresses, hehe.

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