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Naomi Watts as Princess Diana

I am Princess Diana’s big fan and I believe nobody measures up to her standard, not even the new Duchess of Cambridge! Okay, don’t get me wrong, I like Kate and she’s perfect for William but Diana was really different. People across the world loved her, she was the queen of everybody’s heart. Media people adorn her, even celebrities liked her! And it is to my surprise that her life story will be filmed. Playing her is Australian actress Naomi Watts. Hmmm, can she pull it through? The looked perfectly different and I could not see a Diana in her. Maybe I am just too biased. I just hope she can give justice to her role. But I must admit that knowing Diana’s life is kind of interesting…

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Black Swan

Academy Award Best Actress Natalie Portman played as Nina Sayers in Black Swan. In this film, she won the lead role of Swan Lake. She was perfect as the White Swan princess Odette but she was not able to justify her role as the Black Swan, Odile, during their rehearsals.

Over the course of the story, it was shown that Nina has had some erratic behavior, hallucinating about her and her friend from ballet, Lily, having some sexual encounters, and arguing a lot with her mother. When she passed out, her mom took care of her until Nina woke up, horrified when she learned that her mom prevented her to dance on her opening performance, stating that she was very sick. She got angry and hurriedly left home. The production staff of Swan Lake was surprised to see her but she insisted that she was well.

Anyway, she was able to play the White Swan on the opening act but got distracted when she started hallucinating, thus led her partner to drop her. She went to her room after that and was transformed after she had an ‘argument’ with Lily. Then, she appeared as Black Swan onstage and was able to perfectly performed her role as Odile. After that part, she went back to her room and realized the strange things that happened to her.

The final act on their ballet performance was when she became the White Swan again. Her performance was highly applauded that the crowd gave her a standing ovation after that portion where she throwed herself from a cliff. Lily and their director were horrified to actually see her bleeding. While the crowd were still chanting her name, she whispered, “I felt it – Perfect – It was perfect”.

Black Swan is a psychological thriller film that’s why the story is quite disturbing. But the actors in this film were really really good that even Mila Kunis, who portrayed as Lily, was praised for her role in this movie. Winona Ryder’s brief appearance in this film was also noticed. How about you? Have you seen this film? Would love to hear your opinion.

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