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Promenade 2018

Sorry, took me weeks after to post my daughter’s Prom pictures. Their Prom was held at Limketkai Luxe Hotel last February 9, 2018.

As mentioned in my previous post, I had a hard time looking for a nice dress for my daughter to wear. Their theme was about The Timeless Glamour of Vintage Hollywood so I was a bit busy deciphering what that dress was all about!

It was last December 2017 that my daughter and I took the time to look for a dress at a certain mall but to no avail. Actually, we found one but we didn’t get it right away because it was a bit expensive for a one night use only. And I wanted it to refer to her dad first before buying it. But he was actually convinced…

But then I happened to talk to my sister in law who knew of someone who owned a dress shop. The owner was offering a lower price and wanted us to personally go to her shop.

When we were there, my daughter was already attracted to this black dress. She fitted it and loved it right away. However, it was a bit sexy as the sides on the waistline were see-thru and the design on the chest part was sort of a peek-a-boo.

But the dress shop was willing to cover that area and they even agreed to my daughter’s other request, to make her slit not so high.

So, below was the over-all look of the dress. The sides were already covered with black cloth and the chest area was sewn and the slit was barely there to see.

Isn’t she lovely?

But I think it was just appropriate for a 14 year old girl to dress like this, not too revealing, as to maintain their youth and innocence.

At the stairs of Luxe Hotel

Mommy and daughter moment

My daughter was given a role, wherein she received from the senior student the Symbol of Arts. My daughter by the way is a Junior student so the symbol was entrusted to her. By next year, she will turn it over to another student.

Receiving the Symbol of Arts (photo grabbed from her teacher)

Before I forget, the dress was from Glamorous Bride located at Kalambaguhan-Capistrano St. Visit their place anytime should you want to rent or buy or have them sewn a new dress for you.

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Make-up Transformation

My eldest daughter, Chloe, recently had their school prom at Limketkai Luxe Hotel. Being a Grade 9 or Junior student, it was her first time to join. She just transferred in her new school this school year so everything was really new to her.

The theme of their prom was Vintage Hollywood. So, prior to their prom, I was busy looking for a nice dress for her to wear then looked for a make-up artist and hairstylist. It was a good thing I befriended some of the moms at my youngest daughter’s school, who made some recommendations of who and where to look.

I ended up booking an appointment with Ms. Yen Bastareche of Bellemoda. I almost didn’t get an appointment because I scheduled it the last minute. Thankfully, she accommodated us, and even let us come earlier on the said day because she was already vacant.

I was there watching how my daughter’s hair and makeup was made and I was so amazed with the transformation. I thought it was impossible to achieve the look, especially for the hair part coz my daughter’s hair was just like mine, thick and stubborn, hehe.

Anyway, see below some pics I took on Chloe. I would definitely go to Bellemoda again should there be another special occasion that we are going to attend.

*Be making another blog post about her dress after this 😉

Chloe and Ms. Yen

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Strike A Pose 4 by Gil Macaibay III

Gil Macaibay III, tagged as the Prince of Haute Couture, staged a Strike A Pose 4 fashion show held at Grand Caprice Ballroom, Limketkai Center last May 28, 2017 at 7:00 in the evening. It showcased his creations worn by his GilEx and Professional models as well as new ‘graduates’ of his summer workshop.

The fashion show was very well attended even though it was not held at the mall like the previous years. Media from different sectors were there to cover the event as well as seasoned photographers.

As the show started, I could hear the oohs and the aahs coming from the audience when the models started walking the ramp, wearing Gil Macaibay’s creations.

First batch of models to come out wore the White Collections. The male models wore white pants and shirts in different styles. And even though they were made to look ‘futuristic’ with their added accessories, the result was cool and not ‘baduy’. The female models wearing white dresses looked like goddesses. It was hard which dress to pick because they were all creatively beautiful.

Next batch to come out was the Striped Collection. I have to admit I’m not much of a fan of stripes but I was surprise to see what I saw. The collection looked so appealing to my eyes that I was looking for more striped-clothed models to come out. I even have some favorites below:

Red Collection was the next batch to come on stage but I might be a bit bias for saying that these are beautiful collections because Red is my favourite color <3
The models looked so sexy yet elegant, to think some of them were covered. The male models looked trendy in their black and red attire. The accessories they wore added more attraction to their ensemble. It reminded me of Transformer but in a good way.

Other models wore a combination of red and black clothes while others wore all black. The high-fashion clothes they wore looked classy, sexy and sassy. You will never go out of place if you wear them in a party.


The Ciao Bella collection was fun, youthful and cute to look at. I regretted I only captured few good pictures because of lighting problem. This collection is suitable to wear not only during summer but anytime of the year.

Gil Macaibay’s Girl collection and his signature haute couture were the last to be presented that night. My jaw just dropped when I saw the intricate details of each dress. I knew then why he was called the Prince of Haute couture. The clothes were beautifully made and not hastily done, obviously made out of passion.

Congratulations to Gil Macaibay and team for a very successful fashion show. The place was beautifully-decorated and the show was very organized. Overall, it was fun and it was truly a night to remember.

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Dress by Guess

Chloe was wearing an orange-y floral Guess dress with black lining, in this picture. I actually bought this dress for myself but realized that this suits her well and it’s perfect for her personality. Chloe was at first hesitant to wear this because she was more of a jeans-and-shirt type of kid lately. But because she joined a school play last March, where they were required to wear party but short dresses, she instantly picked this dress. So I should say, this dress saved her from all the hassles, hehe.

Anyway, I bought this dress at Guess store at Limketkai Center, Cagayan de Oro. I dunno if they still have stocks left but this was bought early 2016. The cloth was super comfortable and it came with 2 tassels to tie around the neck/chest area. Do you like this dress, too?

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Cosplaying Gogo Tomago

My eldest daughter trying her best to get that Gogo Tomago look :-p

For those not familiar with Gogo, she’s one of the characters from the movie Big Hero 6. Gogo is said to be stoic and strong, tough and athletic, smart, tomboyish, defiant, spunky, loyal, sarcastic, protective, sassy, hot-tempered, opinionated and compassionate.

And her appearance is said to be slender, fair skin, pink lips, short black hair with violet streaks, lavender eye shadow, brown eyes.

Her name may be Gogo but I just learned that her real name is Ethel.

Anyways, did my daughter get the look?—or at least a little of it? I guess she needs to put on a lavender streak to achieve the Gogo Tomago look 😉

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Dressy Day for Zoe

My youngest daughter loves wearing pretty dresses. She loves wearing fashion necklace and bracelets, too! So imagine her happiness when she saw this new Lemon Kiss dress for her. You can see it in her smile how she loves her Outfit of the Day 🙂
 photo IMG_4103_zpstyhowvjb.jpg

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