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Cosplaying Gogo Tomago

My eldest daughter trying her best to get that Gogo Tomago look :-p

For those not familiar with Gogo, she’s one of the characters from the movie Big Hero 6. Gogo is said to be stoic and strong, tough and athletic, smart, tomboyish, defiant, spunky, loyal, sarcastic, protective, sassy, hot-tempered, opinionated and compassionate.

And her appearance is said to be slender, fair skin, pink lips, short black hair with violet streaks, lavender eye shadow, brown eyes.

Her name may be Gogo but I just learned that her real name is Ethel.

Anyways, did my daughter get the look?—or at least a little of it? I guess she needs to put on a lavender streak to achieve the Gogo Tomago look 😉

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