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Xtina Transformation

I used to be a huge fan of Christina Aguilera. She was so pretty and lovable during her Whattagirl Wants days. Plus, I love her voice! So powerful, the range was superb and she was really a great singer! In fact, she’s got more edge over Britney Spears as Xtina obviously has more talent to show than her fellow-mickey mouse club friend.

But over the years Christina has transformed herself from best to worst when it comes to fashion and beauty. I could hardly recognize her now when I look at her face/pictures. Is she out of her mind?! She was blessed with good looks before but now, oh gosh, how will I say it? She looks like trash.. sorry, can’t help it. Other artists reinvented themselves to get noticed as they don’t have that great talent to show. But with Xtina, she’s got everything so why change? Obviously, she’s not contented with what she got. Now, I can say that she wants to look fat. Coz, look, what did she do to her high cheekbones? What did she do to her lips? I can’t believe some people would undergo medical procedure just to look – never mind! Ugh! Why oh why Xtina?

Okay, enough with my not so good opinion. I will still listen to her songs since I like her voice a lot. But can’t bear to look at her now. I just want to remember the way she used to look before – sweet, classy and pretty…

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