My Pair of Nike Shoes

I finally got myself a brand new pair of Nike shoes! I used to own Sketchers but my eldest daughter harbored it from me. Then, my other sneakers got smaller and well, dilapidated, so I need to buy a new one for myself.

I’m not much of a branded-type of a person, I go for something comfortable to wear. But once in a blue moon, I do indulged in something a bit expensive. I said ‘a bit’ because even though it’s branded, I wanted to buy that’s on sale, hehe.

Lucky for me, it was Wednesday that time hubby and I went to SM CDO and they have these so-called women’s day only. When that happens, they gave either 5-10% off to their women-customers so I grabbed the opportunity when we were there. I forgot the exact amount of these shoes but I believed it was 3k++. The discount helped a lot. Oh, it was hubby who paid for my shoes, hehe.

My next target was to buy Onitsuka tiger brand of shoes. Sadly, their store at Ayala Centrio Mall suddenly closed. I was about to buy that yellow shoes even though it was worth 5k+. I saw that shoes worn by Uma Thurman in Kill Bill and I thought I might feel what she felt while wearing that shoes, haha.

But hey, my Nike was good. It felt like I was floating every time I wear it. So, no complaints from here!

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