Flaunt It!

Jennifer Aniston is in her 40’s but she’s still oozing with sex appeal. She’s one of the Hollywood actresses that I look up to when it comes to fashion. She’s has a good sense of style. Sometimes, she wore pants, shorts, long gowns and still she looks good. Wearing short dresses suits her best as she got shapely legs to flaunt!

Another Hollywood actress having a perfect-shaped legs for me is Twilight’s Bella Swan, Kristen Stewart. I don’t find her that pretty and her fashion sense before was a big disaster! But glad to see her changed these days. She looks charming wearing nice cocktail dresses and signature gowns. So glad seeing her wear sensible clothes and thank goodness she got rid of her sneakers!

These are just my opinions. You might have different views on both actresses so feel free to comment.

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