Fair Ladies

Noticed their similarities? These 3 girls have fair skin they almost looked like albinos to me. But I find them strikingly beautiful that I don’t want to stand beside them. They are so gorgeous and I don’t know why some people looked this good.

I love Nicole Kidman and I’ve been her fan since the 1990’s. Got sad when she separated with Tom Cruise but am happy now that she found a quite life with her country-singer hubby and their kids. Dakota Fanning is also blessed with good looks together with her sister. She’s now all grownup and has evolved into a fine actress. And another beauty that I admire is Gwyneth Paltrow. Love her fashion sense, too! She’s a good actress and I miss seeing her on the big screen.. Oh, I forgot, I didn’t watch Iron Man 2 where she played Pepper Potts. Hmm, might try to watch it one of these days.

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