Christmas Hair

Pictures below were taken last November 19, 2010. My daughter’s school required them to dress up as Human Christmas Tree out of non-biodegradable materials. I thought that the school wanted us to come up something creative and not to spend on their costume. I had a hard time thinking on what to do with my daughter until I finally decided to have her hair looked like this:

From her braided hair, I placed the plastic caps and plastic balls as decorations.

I used a white plastic cloth-cover as my daughter’s costume. I put on some discs, plastic balls and few poinsettia flowers and made a star out of plastic straws. I was trying to be creative but when we arrived at their school, I found out that lots of parents went out of their way to make a beautiful costume for their kids. I think they spent a lot and I thought we did this to recycle old things. But some looked for a seamstress and I guess they were after for the prize. However, some didn’t looked like a Human Christmas tree anymore but a beautiful flower, others looked like they were going to dance salsa. But what we were only after for our daughter was compliance to the school’s requirement and enjoy the experience.

Smiling for the camera despite the discomfort

Inasmuch as I wanted my daughter to enjoy the experience, she hated it. She felt hot and was sweating while donning her costume. She was glad she wasn’t selected as finalist. She couldn’t wait to go home and bath again. I remembered she had fever that afternoon. Thank goodness they don’t have that kind of activity this year. I posted my these pictures in my other blog but I wanted to post it here again to show you what I did with her hair (“,)

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