Hard Time Tweaking My Blog

I am trying to change the template of my blog but to no avail. I am so jealous of other bloggers who knew how to tweak their blogs but I can’t afford to pay them, hehe. So, I decided to just download free templates online however I can’t set it up because I am so confuse on how to do it. Nothing happened when I tried changing at the editor. WordPress is so unlike blogger that it’s so easy to download and change template. WordPress is challenging and I hope one day I’ll succeed. If only somebody out there would offer me a tutorial I would greatly appreciate it. I know I should try reading the instruction in order for me to do it right but am too lazy… besides, I’m a “visual type” of person. I easily learn when I see somebody do it.

So right now, I’ll be using this simple fashion template and I know a lot of bloggers are using this now =)

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